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Puhuri AAI uses MyAccessID platform as an integration point for all IdPs. MyAccessID is published in eduGAIN as a Service Provider and will consume IdPs available in eduGAIN through the metadata exchange mechanism. MyAccessID can on request integrate IdPs in the case they are not available in eduGAIN.

Request for LUMI test access

Complete the application in English

Registration to the PUHURI portal

The user should register with PUHURI portal.

Puhuri login

Select the option Sign in with MyAccessID


Then enter plgrid in the login field and select PLGrid IdP

PLGrid IdP

Enter your PLGrid login details on the next page

PLGrid login

Make sure that the correct data is entered and check the required fields

Register MyAccessID

If registration is successful, you will receive confirmation.



  • duration: 1 month
  • maximum resources available:
    • 10 000 CPU
    • 1 000 GPU

Create a helpdesk ticket

Complete the application in English

Next go to Helpdesk PLGrid, and select "LUMI test access".

Create Lumi HD

Complete all mandatory fields:

  • topic (purpose / scope of work)
  • software (which will be used)
  • brief description (several sentences description characterizing plans related to test access to LUMI)

Complete the application

Grant Resources

As part of the test access, the user can use the LUMI CPU and GPU resources for 1 month (30 days). Test access provides 10,000 CPU and 1,000 GPU hours that can be used. If the limit is used, additional hours should be requested as a comment in the initial LUMI test access ticket.

Reporting after the end of the test grant

After the end of the test grant, the user is required to prepare a report within 14 days. The report should be prepared according to the template (you can download it below) and should include details of the utilization of test access to LUMI: subject, scope of work, additional comments.

The report can be submitted in Polish or in English.

LUMI report file

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