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LUMI: hints & additional information

  • LUMI documentation can be found here
  • The available resources are based on AMD cards. Detailed information
  • The information about available software is located here. If the documentation does not explicitly state that the application provides support for GPU, it should be assumed that such support is not available.
  • We recommend that LUMI call for grants be participated in by individuals with experience in HPC computations.
  • We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the LUMI test grants. A month's access to LUMI supercomputer can bring many benefits to you and your team:

    • verify whether LUMI will indeed be useful in your work
    • conduct preliminary calculations that will help you estimate the resources requested during the call for grants
    • prepare your working environment, configure scripts, check the software etc.
    • remember that prior experience and previous usage of the LUMI supercomputer is evaluated in your grant application.

Grant applications evaluation

  • Applications will be evaluated in terms of formal, technical, and scientific aspects.
  • The formal evaluation includes the completeness and correctness of the application, as well as the verification of settlements from the applicant's previous grant applications.
  • Technical evaluation:

    • justification of the requested computational and storage resources
    • methodology of the estimation of the requested resources
    • the number and type of declared software packages and platforms to be used on the LUMI supercomputer
    • possibility of using the declared software packages and platforms on the LUMI supercomputer
    • data management plan
    • timetable of the project
    • level of competence and previous usage of the computational infrastructure and software within the proposal manager’s team
    • Scientific evaluation:
    • purposefulness of research
    • to what extent the requested resources enable the implementation of the described research project
    • to what extent the described research enables obtaining the declared publications and other scientific achievements
    • general usefulness of the project and its socioeconomic impact to the general society
    • the number and relevance of references
    • proposal’s overall presentation: technical quality of the text (language, figures, etc.)
  • As part of the technical evaluation, the reviewer has the right to propose a change in the requested resources. The final decision on allocated resources is made by the Expert Panel.

Last update: 8 kwietnia 2024