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Managing your affiliation

Affiliation extension

All affiliations are granted by default for a limited period of time:

  • 2 years for academic and scientific unit employees
  • 6 months for their subordinates, including PhD students and external collaborators
  • 1 year for KDM employees

30 days before your affiliation expires, you will be informed about this by e-mail. When your affiliation is about to expire and your status as an Employee of a Polish research unit has not changed, please apply for an extension of your current affiliation:

  • Go to Profile & affiliations tab in the PLGrid Portal
  • Click on the green button Extend
  • You will be informed about the decision to renew your affiliation by e-mail
  • If you have a Subordinate-type affiliation, a message will be sent to the assigned Supervisor, requesting the extension of the Subordinate-type affiliation (Instructions for Supervisor)

Przedluzanie afiliacji


  • Do not create subsequent affiliations with the same data (academic unit, affiliation type, Supervisor)
  • If your Academic unit employee affiliation has expired or has not been extended despite using the "Extend" option, please let us know using PLGrid Helpdesk
  • If your Subordinate-type affiliation has expired, please contact your Supervisor who has the possibility to renew the affiliation of his/her Subordinates in the Portal (Instructions for Supervisor)

Creating a new affiliation

A new affiliation should be requested if your place of employment, including the name of your research unit, your Supervisor or affiliation type has changed to "Subordinate" – e.g. a user who was previously an Employee has ended the employment and become an associate fellow.

Instructions for creating a new affiliation


If your affiliation changes from "Employee" to "Subordinate" type, expire the existing Employee-type affiliation and then apply for a new Subordinate affiliation, specifying your Supervisor in the academic unit.

Affiliation expiry

If your affiliation is no longer valid (for example, you have stopped working at the academia), you can expire it. To do this, go to the Profile & affiliations tab in the Portal and use the "Close affiliation" option.

Przedluzanie afiliacji


A user without any active affiliation loses the rights to use PLGrid resources

Last update: April 9, 2024