How to start?


Create account and affiliation

Visit the PLGrid Portal and sign up as our new user, indicating your affiliation with a Polish research unit. This can be obtained by academics conducting research at Polish units, as well as collaborating students, PhD students and other research assistants. Welcome on board!

Create account Create account

Create new team

Define the team before you start working. PLGrid teams enable easy way of sharing resources within a research team. Set up a team also if you currently do research on your own: go to the Teams tab in the PLGrid Portal.

Create new team Create new team

Apply for a grant

It is almost done. Think about resources you need (CPU, GPU, Storage) and then submit a computing grant proposal in the Grants tab.

Apply for a grant Apply for a grant

Apply for a service

Which supercomputer do you want to work on? Check and apply for the access service to the cluster of your choice. You can also apply for access to multiple machines.

Apply for a service Apply for a service

Perform your calculations!

Now you can focus on your research. Your calculations are carried out with one of our supercomputers.

Count it! Count it!

Settle with publications

After completing your calculations and research work show us the results – settle your grant with previously declared publications. Please remember to include acknowledgements to PLGrid in all of them, including posters and conference presentations.

Settle with publications Settle with publications