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Running quantum computing


This part of the documentation applies only to users with an active quantum pilot grant.

Applying the service

After activating the quantum pilot grant, apply for the service Pilot access to D-wave Leap.


A description of how to apply for the service can be found at the link


The service will be activated only for grant authors who receive access to the D-Wave Leap platform.

After service activation

  • The author of the grant will receive a redirection to his/her email address (defined in the PLGrid Portal) of all messages from the mailbox
  • An account will be created in the D-Wave Leap platform and an activation link will be sent to the above mailbox to the account

Logging into the D-Wave Leap platform

The platform is available at D-Wave Leap


Logging into the D-Wave Leap platform is done with an email address in the format of and the password set when registering from the activation link.

D-Wave Leap Login

D-Wave Leap Platform

The documentation of the D-Wave Leap platform is available at link.

Last update: March 5, 2024