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Grant Settlement

To settle a LUMI grant, go to the Settlements tab in the Portal.


You must settle the grant within a month from its completion. When settling the grant, you should add publications that were created as a result of its use or declare their addition in the upcoming year.

Add Settlement

When adding any type of publication (publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, doctoral theses, student papers, others), fill in the fields related to the publication and then click Add.

Add Item

When adding a publication, you should declare that it contains acknowledgments to the LUMI infrastructure. If access to the publication is open, you can skip adding the PDF file of the publication.


A particular publication can only be indicated in the settlement of one LUMI grant.

If there are no publications, please check the box that says The grant did not result in any publication.

The last step in the settlement process is the mandatory Grant evaluation (at least 2500 characters) – feedback that is useful for us, concerning the overall experiences of users related to the LUMI supercomputer. In case of a low rating, please provide a comment suggesting what we can improve.

Rate Your Grant

Finally, select the option Send settlement.

Publications created after settling the grant can be added at any time in the future.

Last update: April 9, 2024