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Managing Subordinates

Supervisor's account

A PLGrid Supervisor is a person enabling persons not employed at Polish research units (including PhD students and undergraduates) to use PLGrid infrastructure resources. The Supervisor must have an account and an active affiliation of Academic unit employee in the PLGrid portal.

  • The requirement for verification of persons applying to the infrastructure as a Subordinate is a scientific collaboration between the Supervisor and the Subordinate. This is confirmed each time by the person designated as the Supervisor.
  • Supervisor is responsible for managing the affiliations of his/her Subordinates (accepting and extending their affiliations, blocking affiliations of the former colleagues).

Supervisor's role

The role of Supervisor allows PLGrid resources to be used by:

  • Students
  • PhD students
  • Retired employees
  • Foreign researchers who are not affiliated to Polish research units but undertake research projects in cooperation with Polish units


The role of research Supervisor is assigned by default to all persons having an account in the PLGrid Portal and Academic unit employee affiliation type.

Subordinate accounts

Each academic unit employee has the status of a Supervisor and a special space within the Portal – the Subordinates tab. It contains a list of persons with Subordinate affiliation, who, when applying for access to PLGrid resources, have indicated a given user as a Supervisor.

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As a Supervisor you can

  • Activate the affiliation of the Subordinate (click Accept)
  • Block the affiliation of the Subordinate (Block) – use this option if the collaboration with the Subordinate has ended
  • Extend the affiliation of Subordinates (Extend) – use when the Subordinate's default affiliation lifetime (6 months) is coming to an end, but his/her partnership with the Supervisor continues; the extension requires specifying a new affiliation expiry date and confirming with the green Confirm button.


If a new person applies for a Subordinate-type affiliation with a particular Supervisor, or a current Subordinate applies for an extension of his/her affiliation, the Supervisor is notified by e-mail.

Last update: February 14, 2024