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Grant Blocking

A user's grant may be blocked when:

  • 100% of allocated computing resources in the grant are utilized
  • It is being used in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose
  • Also, see: Portal PLGrid Terms of use

A grant can be blocked in a specific center or in all centers for which resources were requested in the grant. Each case is considered individually – if you believe your grant has been blocked unjustifiably, please contact us via Helpdesk or send e-mail to

To avoid grant blocking, please pay attention to the current utilization of its resources (to avoid exceeding 100% utilization) and use the grant in line with its intended purpose and research goals. In the case of the Ares and Athena clusters, grant utilization can be checked using the hpc-grants command.

To continue computational work in the PLGrid infrastructure after a grant is blocked, you can use another active grant or apply for a new grant (pilot or proper) well in advance.

Last update: April 9, 2024