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Applying for a PLGrid proper grant

To start the grant application process, navigate to the Grants section in the Portal.

Click on New Grant in the left menu, and then select the PLGrid proper grant tile.

Proper PLGrid Grant

Next, choose one of the proposed HPC resource configurations or create your own.

Predefined Grant

Fill in the basic information regarding your grant.

If your application is a continuation of previous research, use the toggle option and select the name of the previous grant.

Grant Continuation

Add allocations using the buttons marked with a plus sign and fill in the parameters.

Creating Allocations

Provide grant details. The Research purpose and Computational readiness fields significantly facilitate the evaluation of your application and can expedite its processing.

Grant Details

At this stage, you can add other programs or research projects related to the implementation of your grant.

Related Research Projects

Specify the publications that will result from using PLGrid infrastructure.

Publication Declarations

In the Grant Summary section, check the required fields and submit your application.

Submit Application

Now, your application is with the Operator, who will verify its correctness and then forward it to the Administrator for further processing.

Thank You

Once the application is verified, and the resources are allocated, the grant status will change to Active.

Active Status

All of this should take no longer than 7 working days.

Last update: April 9, 2024