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Athena (Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH)

The fastest supercomputer in Poland, reaching a computing power of over 7.7 PetaFlops and ranked 105th on the prestigious TOP500 list in June 2022.

It offers:

  • access to resources based on the newest generation of GPGPU processors and accelerators
  • ultra-fast data storage system based on flash memory
  • 48 servers with AMD EPYC 7742 64-Core processors
  • 1 TB of RAM
  • 6144 CPU computing cores
  • 384 NVIDIA A100 GPGPU cards
  • internal network with 4x200 Gbps bandwidth per server
  • high speed disk system in Lustre standard

Other clusters

Ares (ACK Cyfronet AGH)


Tryton (CI TASK)

Last update: February 26, 2024