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Welcome to PLGrid

The PLGrid infrastructure enables research based on simulation and computation using clusters and distributed computing resources. It provides users with the opportunity to take advantage of the computing power of the fastest supercomputers in Europe and to increase the scale of calculations performed as part of scientific research many times over. The access is free of charge for scientists and research assistants employed at Polish research centres. PhD students, undergraduates and external collaborators can also benefit from PLGrid services.

How to create account?

The first step to get access to resources is setting up an account in PLGrid infrastructure.

Link do rejestracji

  • Select the tile corresponding to your present affiliation
  • Fill in and send the registration form
  • Some fields in the form are mandatory - please enter your nationality and telephone number (this information will only be used to verify you in the future)
  • It is recommended to complete the profile with extended information: academic degree and ORCID or ResearchID number
  • Mark the required consents

Zakladanie nowego profilu


  • You can have only one PLGrid user account
  • If you have lost access to it, please contact our Helpdesk
  • If your personal details change, you can edit them in your profile

Subordinate-type accounts

Some types of accounts in PLGrid are specifically defined for Subordinates (persons who do not hold a doctoral degree and/or are not employed in a Polish research unit, but conduct research in collaboration with Polish scientists). This includes students, PhD students, non-doctoral researchers and retired or external collaborators. In this case, select the appropriate tile. Then enter the official university e-mail address of your Scientific Supervisor in the PLGrid infrastructure in the form and click on Next step to complete your personal data.

Zakladanie nowego profilu Podopiecznego

Last update: April 9, 2024